SUSREG – Empowering sustainable urban planning

Commissioned by: European Commission

Logo_SUSREG_RGBStimulating sustainable energy and energy efficient building is often one of the policy priorities of regional and town planning authorities. The implementation of such a policy is a complex and difficult process with many stakeholders, long lead times and uncertain organisational responsibilities. Accordingly, the potentials for sustainable energy use and energy efficient building are often realised only to a small extent. SUSREG aims to improve the knowledge, attitudes and skills of professional planners who are working for regional authorities and linked local organisations and among the members of national associations for professional planners.

The project follows a three stage approach:

  1. Description of good planning examples, practical planning tools and a structured process approach
  2. On-the-job training for planners in the regional organisations
  3. Capacity building among members of professional planners associations

Read more about the objectives, deliverables and partners of the project.

Foto SUSREG team