Mobilization of innovative design tools for refurbishing of buildings at district level

moderIn the Horizon 2020 project MODER W/E consultants works together with companies like SWECO, SIEMENS and Ertex Solar and with research institutes like VTT and Fraunhofer IBP to develop and test software tools that will support building refurbishment projects at district level.

W/E is for example developing the tool for zero carbon road maps that is being used by social housing associations and municipalities to develop long-term plans for sustainable improvement of their building portfolio until 2050. “CO2 convergence” by means of energy savings on the one hand and renewable energy production on the other hand, is a central concept within this tool.

Figure: The CO2 convergence towards the zero-carbon target for a certain building stock, with yearly CO2 emissions from the buildings on the Y-axis and time (years) on the X axis.  The red and green line show respectively the emissions resulting from the reduced energy demand (red line) over time and the avoided CO2 emissions by renewable energy production (green line). The zero-carbon target is met  when the red and green line  meet each other. Grey bars depict the net remaining CO2 emission over time.

Visual display of building improvements on geographic maps will further enhance the usability of this decision support tool.

Together with other partners test cases and model validation will be executed to show the practical usability and the realistic outcome of the models.

Next to this R&D activity, business cases will be developed by each partner for the employment of the road mapping tools for specific customer segments, such as social housing associations, real estate companies, municipalities and tenant organisations.

Contact: Erik Alsema,, +31 30 – 677 8761.