ENPIRE – Energy in urban planning and restructuring areas

Logo-ENPIRE-DEF2In Europe we see an increasing activity to restructure existing built-up areas in cities and towns. In the early stages of the urban planning process for such areas, there are good opportunities to realise energy efficiency and CO2-reduction targets through a combination of rational use of energy (RUE) and renewable energy sources (RES). ENPIRE has evaluated the state of the art on energy and urban planning in seven European countries with the objective to gain and share experience on “Energy and Urban Planning”. In seven urban restructuring areas in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Spain and The Netherlands a local project has been realised for which specific energy vision study was performed. On the basis of the experience gained in each of the local projects a set of general recommendations and guidelines and  a set of best practice examples has been formulated and will be described. W/E was coordinator of the ENPIRE project, which ended in December 2009.

For more information, please contact Erik Alsema: alsema@w-e.nl; 0031-30-6778761